The Hope of the Toppers

Whether it’s a star or an angel, the tree topper serves as a reminder for those whose lives are so busy they fail to stop and reflect:

Over two thousand years ago, Hope was born.

In a world so far astray from what God intended, Hope was given a physical body, the breath of life, the opportunity to live among those desperately in need of Him.

In this world, so far astray from what God intended, Hope is still present, still offered.

Hope for reconciliation with God. Hope for salvation. Hope for something beyond this world. Hope for peace and love, for justice and mercy and compassion.

Hope’s name is Jesus.

The Christmas tree topper can signify the star that pointed the way to His manger or the angels who sang His praise–either way, it should serve as a reminder to rejoice in the Hope God has given us. Without Hope, there is nothing to celebrate.

The tree topper encourages us to raise our eyes above the presents, above the tinsel, to the reminder of the invaluable gift given us long ago–the “gift that keeps on giving” delivered by One who “cares enough to send the very best.”



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15 Responses to The Hope of the Toppers

  1. TraciB says:

    Well written, Linda! When I look at the gold star on top of our tree, I’ll think of your post. And when I consider that I had to tie the star to the tree top so it wouldn’t fall off, I’ll think about the fact that our Hope was secured to a tree too, so we wouldn’t fall off of our relationship with Him…


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    I just love this season! Everywhere we look there’s a reminder of the real reason for the celebrations. And what a reason it is!


  3. Jesus is indeed our hope. Good post!


  4. Linda Yezak says:

    Thanks you two!


  5. Great perspective, Linda! Just like my screen name at CW, you’re looking up instead of down, focusing on the God who lives above than on what man does below.

    Some people use another worldbound object as a tree topper, but that just defeats the purpose. An angel or a star are the best things to put there–maybe even a cross?

    ~ VT


    • Linda Yezak says:

      I never thought of using a cross during the season celebrating the birth of Christ. It seems like an Easter symbol. But isn’t it something how soon we go from the star of his birth to the cross of his death and the celebration of his resurrection. Reminds me of how short his time among us was.


  6. Tracy Krauss says:

    I will think of this (and you!) every time I look at the angel at the top of my tree!


  7. E G Lewis says:

    Very enjoyable. Brings back memories of decorating the tree when the kids were young. With them out of the nest and no grandkids coming to visit over Christmas, we cut our decorating back to a poinsettia on the hearth and the Nativity set on a table.


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Since we never have anyone here for Christmas, my decorating is restricted to stacking wrapped presents. Has a little bah-humbug flavor, but I still remember the reason for the season.


  8. Lynn Mosher says:

    Yikes! I thought I left you a comment already! Without hope, there isn’t much left. We have an angel on top of our tree. I wrote about Tree once…

    “And Harold, the angel on top of everything, he is always looking toward the New Year. No matter what has happened in the year drawing its last breath, he seems to point to the peace of a better future.”

    And hope! Cling to hope. Great post, MVFRH! Blessings to you!


  9. Sarah says:

    Hope. That truly is what Christmas signifies. Without the birth of Christ there would be none. Wonderful thoughts!


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