A Writer’s Survival Guide to Getting Published, by Terry Burns

I am so excited to announce Port Yonder Press‘s newest release, A Writer’s Survival Guide to Getting Published, written by author/agent Terry Burns.

Between the covers of this short book, Terry tells all–from surviving the fifteen-minute interview at a writers conference to writing a killer proposal. He explains what is meant by “comparables” and why they’re necessary, and what a “platform” is. He gives ideas for how to promote yourself and your book. And, he takes you inside the acquisition editor’s mind to give you a head’s up on what to look for in your own manuscript.

A massive percentage of manuscripts are refused even before they are read because the authors didn’t prepare their query correctly, they didn’t follow instructions–or didn’t bother to read them. Before you submit, before you attend the agent/editor interview, read Terry’s Survival Guide. It’ll give you a leg up in the process so you can survive to that final round of refusals–the round that actually includes reading the manuscript.

Of course, I’m particularly proud of the book because it is my first major job as editor for Port Yonder Press (you’ll find my name in the front of the book!). For folks who don’t know, Terry Burns is an award-winning author in his genre (Westerns), so editing his work was a bit intimidating. I, who am yet to be published, dares to conquer the manuscript of a multi-pubbed, award-winning author/agent–who I one day hope will be my agent. You can see how that would be nerve-wracking.

Port Yonder Press is a stickler for perfection, and I believe we have put together an exceptional product for our readers on Terry’s behalf. I’m not going to say it’s absolutely perfect, because no sooner than I commit that statement to print, someone will write me and say I missed a comma on page 53.

If you’ve written the end on your manuscript, if you’ve polished it until the sun reflects blinding rays into your eyes, if you’re ready to hit the publication trail, you need A Writer’s Survival Guide to Getting Published.

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8 Responses to A Writer’s Survival Guide to Getting Published, by Terry Burns

  1. Keith McCormick says:

    You must be so excited, sounds great!Thanks.


  2. Linda Yezak says:

    I am excited! Thanks, Keith!


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to read it!


    • Linda Yezak says:

      Katie, it’s really worth it. Since he’s an agent, Terry has *tons* of insider info into the field. I’m so glad he chose to share!


  4. Peggy Clement says:

    I ams o excited it’s out. I prepaid for one a few months ago or whenever you first announced it and have anxiously been awaiting for its deleivery.


  5. Walk says:

    Wow, name in print. Now don’t forget us little guys…


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