Strictly Business

My daughter is starting a cake decorating business. She made this Mardi-Gras mask for a 16th birthday cake this past weekend (isn’t it terrific?!). As she creates her masterpieces, she gets orders for more cakes. Right now, she’s not at the point where she can quit her job, open a store, and hang out her sign (which, by the way, will say “Simply Sweet by Jen”), but give her time. It wouldn’t surprise me if someday the Food Network knocks on her door with a contract for a prime-time spot.

In the meantime, she plugs along, doing what she loves in the time she has to do it, without neglecting husband or daughter, or anyone else for that matter. She seems to have everything pretty well balanced.

And that’s what is required when starting a business–time and balance.

For the past several years, I’ve been launching my writing career and building my freelance editing business. It takes time. Time to write a book and get it published. Time build a client list. As for balance–well, I do the best I can, but sometimes I’m reminded that I’ve spent too much time on my computer.

I wish I could do it like Jen does. She can finish a cake and post pictures of it on Facebook, and next thing you know friends are begging her to do one for them. I can’t post my finished product on Facebook and expect anyone to beg.

But wouldn’t it be fun?

“I’d love to represent you! Please? I’ll only take five percent instead of my customary fifteen!” (This from Donald Maass.)

“Linda, we have a spot open that can only be filled by one of your comedies. We won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We’ll hold out until you’re ready” (from Zondervan–and I can promise, the answer wouldn’t be “no”!).

“My manuscript is nigh unto perfect as it is, but I could sure use your expert eye to make it better” (from Francine Rivers).

“One of my friends in Longview keeps going on about that wonderful speech you gave! I’d love to have you speak to my group. Can I send the jet down to bring you New York?” (uh–yeah! Just send the limo to pick me up from my house, okay?)

“Huckabee was enthralled with your upcoming release based solely on the descriptive blurb. He’d like to feature you on his show this coming Sunday” (to which Oprah says, “I saw her first!”).

“I represent Hallmark, and we’d love to turn your book into a movie . . . Of course you can star in it!”

Ah, daydreams.

Jen’s store sign will adorn a cute little bakery long before I’ll be able to call myself a success in my field (success of a far lesser nature than my daydreams). But I can’t complain. Considering how slowly the wheels turn in this business, I’m doing okay. Ride is with the editor, my freelance clients keep me busy, and I have three speaking engagements penciled in for next year. Not earth-shattering, but not bad either.

As for Jen, she’ll be an instant hit. I know. I’ve tasted her cakes!

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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4 Responses to Strictly Business

  1. Jennifer Yezak Lusher says:

    Aw, thank you for the sweet blog post! Pun intended. 🙂 Perception is a funny thing. As I’m reading, all I can think is, you’ll be published LONG before I own a bakery! My hurdles being, capital to get that bakery going, will I be able to make enough to truly ever quit my job and most importantly…..I need to tweak so many recipes!!! I need this cake to have this density if I want it to do this..this frosting is just perfect for this cupcake, but no way will it hold up to a stacked cake…and oh no, what happened to this batch of fondant!!!!! Ugh, etc, etc, etc. But we keep plowing through, ’cause we are doing what we love, no matter the outcome or the fame and fortune that may or may not come with it!


  2. Linda Yezak says:

    However long it takes, you’ll be a success. You’re too talented not to be. And, yep, “we’re plowing through . . .” 😀


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    😆 Okay, this post has me rolling in the aisles! Where do I sign up for this marvelous fantasy?


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