The 7-Link Challenge

Katie (K.M. Weiland) over on Wordplay took up a challenge issued by Darren Rowse on ProBlogger to link seven posts that she or someone else had written that respond to seven categories. Katie’s blog is all about writing; mine is all about . . . well, me. Mine is the kind of blog that isn’t supposed to survive in cyberspace.

Taking up the challenge was a real eye-opener for me. So many people respond when I write about my life: the challenges, failures, dreams, experiences being a “daughter in role-reversal,” but my most popular posts deal with critters–my duck series was a huge hit (huge being a relative term here. Keep in mind, this blog is just a match in a forest fire). But do you want to know which posts get linked to most often? The political ones. The ones dealing with social issues. The post I wrote dealing with the change in our health care system traveled the internet. I’m still surprised where I’m seeing that one crop up.

Although I’ve been sorely tempted, I don’t write political/social posts anymore. And I’ve decided not to post writing tips too often. Tips are a dime a dozen and if you want my two cents worth, you’ll find them AuthorCulture.

I have to keep in mind the point of this blog–to show my friends who I am, give them an idea of my writing style, and to hopefully find a few folks who’ll be willing to buy my books when they come out.

Link #1 is supposed to be My First Post, by my first one has already disappeared. The next available, posted May 5, 2008, was What a Great Idea! This was back when I was sure I wanted a writing blog. I wrote about where I got my ideas and gave tips for other writers. Although I got only one response (and only seventy-eight viewers for the entire month), I still like the post. It may be time to recycle it.

Link #2 is The Post I Enjoyed Writing the Most. This one is hard to pick, but I reckon it would also be one of my writing posts, The Dreaded Block, published June 14, 2008. This humorous look at writer’s block had only ten viewers and one response, but it has been recycled on other sites and has increased in popularity. But if there’s a lesson to be told with that one, it’s Don’t date your work! What I mean by that is, the punch line of The Dreaded Block was based on a commercial that seemed to be on every channel all the time. It was some analgesic that could be applied “directly to the forehead!” I don’t remember the product, just that it was one seriously annoying commercial–and now it’s gone, making my two-year-old post obsolete.

Link #3, A Post Which Had a Great Discussion. This one wins hands down: I Give Up! posted in May of 2009. I didn’t realize how many folks out there have as much trouble organizing their day as I do. Really, if you want to garner a little sympathy, just admit how disorganized you are and everyone will hit your door to commiserate.

Link #4, A Post on Someone Else’s Blog I Wish I had Written. Tough one. You can click on any of the devotional blogs in the sidebar and find something I wish I’d written. Every one of those folks can write better devotions than I can. Or click on the “Great Writing Sites” and find tons of advice better than what I can offer. Today’s post would take me far too long to write if I had to pick one to link here. So strike one! on this challenge.

Link #5, My Most Helpful Post. Ack! I feel a strike two! coming. My posts are always more entertaining than helpful. I guess the closest thing I have to a “helpful” post would be from January of this year, Rookie Mistakes. Again I admitted the error of my ways, and again folks came to offer their sympathies–and to learn that “research dumps” are just as bad as “info dumps.”

Link #6, A Post with a Title I’m Proud Of. I have to admit–I really work on putting a great title on my pieces. The titles are what draw people to read. Regardless of the fact that Trippin’ With Mom only received ten comments, it got almost 300 hits. Believe me, that’s hot for a little ol’ self-centered blog like this one. I imagine a huge percentage of these folks were hoping to discover Mom and I were high on coke. Am I sorry to disappoint them? Nah.

But the title I’m most proud of is Cry for the Horses. This post, the first in a series recounting my research into horse rescue, tells the story of Chris and Jenn Micek, and their efforts to save a Peruvian Paso.

Link #7, The Post I Wish More People Had Read: Guess What? No Cavities! My way of writing devotionals is to use myself as an example–myself, my life–and hope that folks will see how what I write affects them and their lives. GWNC is about one of the worst times in my life, and the wake-up call I received to make me grateful for it.

I’d love it if folks actually clicked on the links above, but even if they don’t, I’ve loved learning about my blog through this exercise. It’s not that I don’t look at the detailed stats offered by WordPress, but I’ve never really thought about them beyond how many folks are looking at the current post.

Considering the kind of blog this is, I can’t complain!

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5 Responses to The 7-Link Challenge

  1. Oh, wow! I’m loving this. I’m going to click on all those links. Maybe I should try this.

    Now I gotta go check out Katie. I’m so far behind in my reading.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Hey, fun! I love that you guys are taking up the challenge too. I’m enjoying looking back at your posts.


  3. Linda Yezak says:

    Thanks, you two–and thanks for the idea, Katie. I’m just upset that y’all didn’t see the corrected version of this. I proofread it and edited it before we went on errands this morning, but apparently the corrections didn’t save. They saved this time, by golly!

    I’m so embarrassed! {{{BLUSH!!!}}}


  4. Vanessa says:

    Oh great job! I actually just found out about this challenge today and was pondering doing it for my next post! Hmmm, still pondering 🙂


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