Busy Week Ahead

Busy, but fun. My BFF is coming today! Her daughter, Sweet Sarah, has band camp at the college, so Sharon decided to stay and visit. I only get her through Tuesday, though. Then part two of the busy week hits: Going to see Mom.

Although we talk frequently, I haven’t seen Sharon since October. She used to live across the pond from me. We did just about everything together, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her kids grow. But watching her and her family move was one of the toughest days of my life. They’re three hours away now, but when MSB retires and we move to the farm, we’ll be closer. For now, we rely on quick visits, and I’m really looking forward to this one.

I’m also looking forward to the trip to Mom’s. First reason to rejoice: we have only one doctor to see–just one! I’d love for her to finally be well enough for us to visit without doctors, but I’ll settle for being limited to one. But the real reason I’m looking forward to seeing her is that we can play!

When I was growing up, Mom and I played all sorts of games–cards, dominoes, Scrabble, Yahtzee–you name it, we played it. We’d been cut-throat competitive ever since I outgrew Candy Land.  But since she got Macular Degeneration, she hasn’t been able to see cards or dominoes, much less the little dots on the dice. Our playing days were over until I went shopping for Mother’s Day. I found a set of dominoes with large numbers on them instead of dots, and Slap Scrabble  and Yahtzee card games with big-print. Guess what?! My second reason to rejoice: she can see them! We’re back in business!

Once I get back from Bryan, I’d better rest quick because MSB and I have an appointment with Downtown Nacogdoches at 5:30 in the morning. Calvary Baptist is giving away bottled water for the Blueberry Festival again and set-up is at 5:30. Since I have so little tolerance for heat, MSB and I try to get our shift early in the day. In fact, we’re so early, we have a three-hour wait before the first customers come.  Of course, the best use of that time–after we’ve set up our booth, of course–is to stroll the brick streets and check out the other vendors. This time, I’m going to take some money with me. I always find something!

So, if I don’t get to post this week, you’ll know why. I’m swamped, in a happy way!

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4 Responses to Busy Week Ahead

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Have fun! Nothing in the world like getting to catch up with old friends!


  2. Shaddy says:

    As you know, busy hands are happy hands and with all the things you have coming up, you will be beyond happy.

    Enjoy everything!

    Your mom must be thrilled knowing she can play those favorite games again.


  3. pprmint777 says:

    Yep to both of ya! It’s great being able to spend time with Sharon–and I’m pretty much beyond happy!

    Shaddy, considering Mom’s been pretty much restricted to watching TV these days, she’s ecstatic!


  4. Have fun! Take a notebook. I see lots of stories. 😉


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