Vamoose, Gringos!

If there were ever an animal that didn’t have image problems, it’s the Chihuahua.

Every morning (well, almost every morning . . . okay, okay–periodically) MSB and I go for a walk in our rural residential neighborhood. We pass fields where wild critters bound from view and pastures of cows and goats munching on the greenery, and we’re unharmed and unalarmed.

 Until we pass “the house.”

Behind this ordinary pink-bricked ranch home is a dog with a deep throaty bark scary enough to make us glad he’s fenced in. We’ve never seen him, and I’m not sure I want to. On the front porch are what looks to be a toy Manchester terrier, bouncing from window to window interested in whatever the folks inside are doing, and a Chihuahua who couldn’t care less. A tiny Chihuahua who thinks he’s a Doberman.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not afraid of him. At worst, his yipping interferes with our conversation. But he races toward us, undoubtedly believing he’s covering twenty feet per bound, and barks in a high pitch he thinks holds the bass timbre of a Bullmastiff. Even though he’d be lucky to catch my ankles, his eyes are on my jugular. Never mind that the vein is a full five vertical feet from him, he’s convinced he can reach it and down me with his death grip.

Until I turn on him suddenly, bare my teeth, and send him scampering back several feet  (mean, aren’t I?).

This fact–that he does run from an apparent threat–is what keeps this miniature David alive. He’s aware of his shortcomings (pun intended), but he’s not afraid to face his Goliaths head-on.

Once we’re past his territory, he delivers a final bark: “And stay out!” and trots away with his tail high for a job well-done. He has protected his owners and his property. He is successful.

What a lesson we could learn from this five-pound giant!

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11 Responses to Vamoose, Gringos!

  1. Lorna G. Poston says:

    HA! I have a Chihuahua in my neighborhood too. Chihuahua’s think they are soooo bad! “If I believe I’m big, then I really am!”

    I guess the lesson we should learn from the giant in disguise is: don’t look at the roadblocks. Believe you can leap over them with a single bound, and perhaps you can.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    A friend of mine had a Chihuahua. Weird little dog, but she *was* adorable.


    • pprmint777 says:

      My grandparents had a white female Chihuahua, appropriately named “Blanca.” She stayed scared of me her entire life. She wasn’t the brave soul our local critter is!


  3. Shaddy says:

    You don’t want to get me going regarding yipping idiotic dogs. I’m glad you gave him a taste of his own behavior. You go girl!

    About the time I settle in on our screened porch with a good book on a beautiful day, the neighbors’ dogs will drive me back inside with their stupid, useless and unnecessary yipping. I don’t understand how their owners can be so oblivious and unconcerned! My husband gets so angry I’m afraid he’ll have a heart attack one of these days because of the noise.


    • pprmint777 says:

      I hear ya! It’s sooooo annoying getting chased and barked at every day!–okay, almost every day. Okay. Periodically.

      You know what I mean.

      I sure hope your hubby doesn’t have a heart attack over a dog. Tell him to save it for something bigger–like world peace. . .


  4. Chihuahuas scare me.


  5. Annie says:

    Fun post!!! There is that saying, ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’. And I have found the smaller the dog, sometimes the more fericious seeming. This post reminds me a blog I was going to write and forgot about till now. Gotta go get those words down before I forget!!!


  6. pprmint777 says:

    Glad I could help. Get it written–don’t lose it again! 😀


  7. Cheri says:

    We are on our second Lhasa Apso, another breed that can think they are little giants.

    Couldn’t help but giggle when I read about you baring your teeth at the little scamp!

    Have a beautiful week,


  8. pprmint777 says:

    I think Lhasa Apsos are so beautiful. Thanks for dropping by Cheri!


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