It’s time for our annual trip to Jefferson. As I said once before, we trade our house in the woods by a pond for a cabin in the woods by a pond every year about this time. We’re all set to go brimmin’ and star gazing and s’more making–maybe even some store hopping in town. Leaving Sunday. Can’t wait.

In case you don’t know what “brimmin'” is, it’s pond fishing (although you can do the same in larger lakes, too). First thing you need to know is that I don’t spell it right. The fish are called “bream,” but it’s pronounced “brim.” Next thing you need to know is that not all the fish we catch when we’re brimmin’ are bream. Sunfish, goggle-eyes, perch–and a whole mess of ’em I don’t know what they’re called.

The fun thing about brimmin’ is that it’s just plain ol’ cane-pole fishing (although we don’t use cane poles). All you need is a hook, a worm, a bobber and an ounce of patience. This isn’t the quick action, cast-and-retrieve fishing found in bass competitions. This is soft, lazy, listen to the water lap against the boat fishing. The type you can snooze during until you feel the jerk on the line. You may have seen something similar in “Snuffy Smith” comics.

Once you get into a school of bream, it’s non-stop action. Whip one fish off the hook, recast and haul in another–repeat as often as they’re cooperating. Some are tiny and have to be thrown back, but others are bigger than your hand and are the best pan fish on the planet. I’d put ’em up against any fancy schmancy restaurant fare.

Ah, my mouth is watering already.

Although I’m not healthy yet, I’m well enough for this kind of vacation. And maybe when I get back, I’ll have something to write about. All this time spent trying to get well doesn’t give me any suitable material to put in a blog post. So, sometime late next week, expect to read about our escapades!

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13 Responses to VACATION!

  1. Lorna Poston says:

    Sounds like fun! Can I come?


  2. Enjoy, sweet friend!


  3. Shaddy says:

    I can hear the water lapping against the boat; it makes for a relaxing moment.

    Enjoy everything you do on your vacation.


  4. K.M. Weiland says:

    First time I’ve heard the term “brimmin'” – but I like it! Have a wonderful vacation. You need it after all you’ve been through this month.


  5. Brad says:

    In Michigan we called it pan fishing, with sun fish and the like being pan fish. That and catching crayfish with nets when it’s dark… Good times! Have fun!


    • pprmint777 says:

      You’ve been crawdaddin’?! I love doing that! Haven’t done it in years, but those ol’ mudbugs make great gumbo. 🙂


  6. soulsupply says:

    A person becomes well as they pursue their creativity, I am sure you will be well soon Linda … this a very pleasing piece of prose Linda that even teaches me more US idiom … .may you know the refreshment of closeness with Jesus all through your vacation…blessings


  7. pprmint777 says:

    Geoff, so sweet of you to drop by! I’m glad you like my post. God bless!


  8. @Brad: We have crayfish in Michigan?

    Not that I want any.


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