What a Difference Three Weeks Make

When I went into the hospital after Easter, the oak and elm leaves were just beginning to uncurl and were a spring green–the shade tinged in a fresh yellow that sings of newness and promise. By the time I got out two weeks later, the trees were fully adorned in the different shades of green appropriate for their species, and the azaleas were in full bloom. The wall outside our kitchen and dining room windows was vivid with dark and light pink blooms. I think this is one of our best years for the azaleas.

Last night, it rained and knocked most of the blooms off, but I found something new this morning. Indigo buntings pecking around on the downed pink blooms and really giving me a colorful display. (I’m going to have to get that camera!)

As much as I’m looking forward to moving to our farm, I think I’ll miss the forest when we leave. I’m not sure what kind of birds they have in that part of Texas other than the standard dove and mockingbirds, and I’m pretty certain azaleas won’t grow out there. The trees aren’t near as tall. Actually, going west from here, once you get to the other side of Crockett (or Centerville, depending on where you’re headed), the trees get shorter and shorter. By the time you get to Lubbock and El Paso, you hardly see any trees at all.

Anyway, like I was saying, when I went into the hospital, spring was just budding and now it’s totally erased any sign of the harsh winter we had. The wild ducks have returned north; the robins, bluebirds, red tanagers and gold finches are here for a visit, and the squirrel is still stealing corn from the ducks’ bowl.

As for me, I’m slowly getting better, but you can tell by how disjointed this post is that I’m not quite there yet. I still need pain medication at night and it takes awhile to clear my head of it in the morning. There are things that I can’t do but the number of things I can do is increasing. It won’t be long before I’m 100% and driving everyone nuts. Enjoy the peace while you can!

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11 Responses to What a Difference Three Weeks Make

  1. Shaddy says:

    I’m soooo glad you’re getting better. Oh, and your post isn’t disjointed, at least it’s not according to my thinking.

    Keep on recovering, Linda.


    • pprmint777 says:

      Well, either it really wasn’t disjointed or you have the kind of mind that understands where I’m going with things. I think I like that idea, too. 😀


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    If you’ve got to be convalescing, spring is a good time to do it. All the sunshine and flowers makes rejuvenating easier!


    • pprmint777 says:

      I just wish I’d had enough time to put flowers in my planters on the porch and get the cushions back on the furniture. I’d love to sit outside for awhile–when the rain stops.


  3. Walk says:

    I’m glad you’re back, disjointed or not. I’ve missed ya! Oh, the azeleas are beautiful this year, must have been all that snow!


    • pprmint777 says:

      I’ve missed you and everyone too, Walk. Do azeleas grow in Oklahoma? It’s been so long since I lived there, I don’t remember.


  4. Honestly, dear friend, I am SO glad you are home to see it. Soak it in!


    • pprmint777 says:

      Thanks, Sandy. I do soak it in. If I do nothing more than stare out the window for hours, I haven’t wasted time–I’ve centered myself in the Lord and witnessed both his majesty and his humor.


  5. I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I certainly hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ll keep you in my prayers. 🙂


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