Resolution Update (or “Why I think I’m an idiot”)

What evil person devised the notion of New Year’s Resolutions? And why oh why did I decide to participate this year? I’m an idiot. That’s the only reason I can think of.

I know it’s early in the year and still possible to meet my resolutions, but my first thought is: ain’t gonna make it.

Of the resolutions I shared with you, here’s the run down:

Lose weight–I have. Four pounds. Two times. Net loss? Four pounds.

Exercising–MSB and I started walking again last week. Twice! So, for the entire year so far–all sixty-seven days of it, I’ve exercised . . . twice.

Housecleaning–I started holding my creative writing class at the house every Tuesday. I’ve gone from having a pristine home every week to having things hastily shoved into hiding until everyone leaves. As far as starting spring cleaning early: I still have a chance to do that. The first day of Spring is March 20, so if I get off my duff and do in twelve days what I haven’t done in two and a half months, I can still make it. Or I can alter the resolution to: “I will actually do spring cleaning this year,” and if I’m lucky, it’ll be done by Christmas.

Doing something writing related everyday–I threw this one in because I thought it would be the easiest one to keep. So far, so good. I do something every single day. Now, if I could only find time to do something that relates to my own writing, I’d really be in business.

When the time comes for 2010 to slip into 2011, y’all remind me not to do this again, okay? I’d appreciate it.

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7 Responses to Resolution Update (or “Why I think I’m an idiot”)

  1. Sandra King says:

    You crack me up! Look at it this way.

    You didn’t gain four pounds. Or eight. Net.

    You didn’t not walk at all. (And see–a negative plus a negative equals a positive.)

    You have a perfect exercise for your students. They can find what you’ve hidden, put it away for you, and then write about it.

    While you’re at it, take them for a walk. Another creative exercise!

    You wrote a blog post today. That’s your writing. Right?

    I don’t do resolutions any more. Takes too much energy to remember them, let alone keep them.

    I just try to do the next thing–in a long line of next things.


  2. pprmint777 says:

    You are so funny! I love your perspective, and your plan: just do the next thing in a long line of next things. Best idea I’ve heard all year!


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Ha! I love that pic. I need one of those plaques. I’ll hang it in a prominent place to remind myself not to take any risks. 😉

    Sometimes I find that if I put too much emphasis on goals, I psyche myself out and suddenly end up going full steam in the opposite direction. If my goal is something really hard, I generally just poke it into the back of my brain and only watch it out of the corner of my eye. It takes the pressure off and makes the whole challenge seem easier – and I do better at accomplishing it.


  4. pprmint777 says:

    I have a collection of those pics from an email I received. I’m sure I’ll be pulling them out from time to time.

    My favorite way of taking the pressure off and making the challenge seem easier is to admit defeat and revert to pre-resolution bliss. We’ll see how long it takes me to implement that plan. 😀


  5. Linda,

    I can totally empathize. I didn’t even make the “lose weight” resolution this year, but I’m being a little more aware of what I eat. (I watch as it heads for my mouth, ha!)

    The housework thing, I despair of. I get up some mornings determined to get’er done. Doesn’t happen. Do I set my goals too high, or am I a failure?

    Same with writing. After checking emails, loops, visiting others blogs to comment, how fast the time goes. If I get time to actually write, it’s after dark…sometimes 10:30 at night when the house is quiet.

    Wow! I need a schedule I can stick with. But first I need super energy and at least 4 more hours in the day….please!


  6. Linda,

    I want to add something. That plaque at the top reminds me of an author’s motto on a networking site. It says

    “A clean house is the sign of a boringl life.”


  7. pprmint777 says:

    Laurean, that’s a riot–a clean house is the sign of a boring life!

    I know what you mean, four more hours would be terrific, especially if they were *uninterrupted* hours! And I haven’t been able to stick to a schedule since a bell rung for the next class.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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