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I love my job. I’d love it better if it paid, of course, but how many folks get to wake up at 3:30 with enthusiasm like I did this morning? I’m talking about the kind of enthusiasm that stems from having a finished project, starting a new project, and realizing you’re suddenly in demand for other people’s projects. Let me tell you, it’s a great feeling!

Wednesday night around nine, I finished the rewrite on Give the Lady a Ride and sent it off to a friend to proofread–just proofread. I don’t want another critique. The novel is done, period. If I get it back in time, I’ll be sending it to my almost-agent right on schedule for my second self-imposed deadline of mid-February (the first was the end of January–which came and went with me still stewing over a tough spot in the novel). As I’ve said before, from there, it’s entirely in God’s hands. If the agent wants to pursue it, you’ll be hearing me holler. If not, well, that’s okay.
It’s okay, because I spent yesterday rereading The Cat Lady’s Secret (formerly The Cat Lady of Forest Lawn) and was happy with what I found. I had written 145 pages before stopping to work on Ride again, and while they’re rough in places, it’s a great little story. After reading about half of it and mulling it over, I was able sketch out what I want to do with it, and I’m excited with the results. Cat Lady will be a terrific mystery/romance!
Last year’s judges at the ACFW’s Genesis Contest had a point about the beginning of the novel, and I intend to rewrite it and resubmit it this year–so I really have to get moving on that. All they want is the first fifteen pages, but between the time I turn those pages in and the time they announce the runners up in May, I should be finished with the first draft. By conference time in September (if I’m blessed enough to be a runner-up again and blessed enough to be able to go), I should have the novel finished entirely.
That doesn’t mean I’m neglecting Roping Venus. My research is on-going, and I’m hoping to get enough information to be able to present both sides of the closed packing plants issue fairly and honestly. Just a reminder: animal rights activists worked to close the plants to save old and unwanted horses from becoming dog food or a source of meat for those starving in other nations (Mexico was a big recipient of horse meat). Everyone is sympathetic toward horses–how can you help it? But the ranchers are under pressure from activists and new laws to maintain their horses, even when the animals can no longer pull their work load. As a horse ages, it needs more attention from a vet–it can’t simply retire to a green pasture and live happily until it dies of natural causes. Many rescuers are seeing an increase of neglected animals because smaller ranchers and horse owners simply cannot afford the maintenance of their animals. It’s a sticky issue, and it’s separate from the wild horse issue of the northwest (which I’m also keeping a file on for the third in the Ranch, Rodeo and Revival series), and it deserves to be researched and presented fairly.
Finally in the list of things I’m excited about, I’ve picked up paying jobs editing work for others. Several friends send their work to me, and I to them, for critique and review. It’s just part of what we writers do for each other. But I’ve been surprised by a few acquaintances contacting me for the same purpose and willing to pay for my opinions and editing skills. I’ve never advertised that I do this, so I can only believe the Lord has something to do with sending them my way. Isn’t He great?!
Today, at least, I love my job. Considering how many times I’ve written posts crying about it, this one is a refreshing change.

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15 Responses to Celebrating!

  1. What a great feeling it must be to finish up your book! Now if I can only do the same. Good luck with landing an agent.


  2. Yay! Me too!

    Too bad we have that ol’ money thing hanging over our heads, huh? If only we could just blissfully write without the worry of keeping the lights on. 🙂


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Oh, *that* job. 😉 I’m so tickled you’re happy with the way it’s all turned out. And there’s pretty much nothing better than going back to a story you’ve neglected for a while and discovering that “Hey, this ain’t so bad after all!” I’m hoping to experience that when I hit my latest draft of Dreamers Come next week. 🙄


  4. jess says:

    Congrats! Congrats! I predict you’re going to be standing in a bookstore looking at all your titles some day. 🙂 You’ve got “Hang-In-There” running through your veins. Better known as Perseverance!

    Wish I could say I’ve finished my rewrites. I’m just getting started. I have to think about things for a very long time. Is that normal?


    • pprmint777 says:

      Thanks, Jess! I don’t know whether it’s perserverance or stubbornness, but I seem to have it. Every time I think about quitting I read something that tells me not to.

      As for your rewrites–you are sooo busy! Something would have to give for you to have enough time. So, just how attached are you to sleeping? 😀


  5. Shaddy says:

    It’s great to hear from a writer who’s happy!!


  6. Sandra King says:

    The further I read, the more excited I got.

    I wannabe like you! Tough and determined!


  7. pprmint777 says:

    Tough and determined? Yikes! If you knew how hard my knees were wobbling right now–I’m going to call my “almost-agent” today to see how she wants me to submit the revised manuscript. I am as tough as a big bowl of Jell-O!


  8. Sandra King says:

    Yeah, well, I remember Jell-O from my nursing school days. You could bounce that stuff off the walls, and it bounced right back. Flexible. And tough!


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