It’s done!

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We bought the last of the presents today, wrapped them, and got them to the post office to be delivered (fingers crossed) in time for Christmas. Mom’s presents are wrapped and ready for delivery, her cards and ours are addressed and long gone. Everything’s done that needs to be done.

Yes! I can breathe!!!

This year was a little less stressful than last year–and far less stressful than the year before, when I had ordered everything over the internet only to have it returned because the new UPS guy couldn’t find our house. Let me tell ya: that was serious stress!

All that’s left are the dual As–anticipation and anxiety.

Anticipation: I can’t wait to see the family and my grandkids! I understand our oldest has a boyfriend now. Can’t wait to meet him.

Anxiety: Will everyone like what we got for them? I know some of them will. Money suits everyone! But the special gifts we got, thinking specifically of them when we made the purchases–will they like them?

I wonder how God felt when he revealed his Gift to us at the first Christmas. Did he deal with the dual As? I can’t wait for the world to see what I’ve given them! Will they accept this Gift?

When I picture God as Father, I can see him being excited, like a daddy giving his kids things he knows they want or need. But God, being God, knew his Gift would be rejected by many. Yet, what a celebration there must be in Heaven when another accepts!

I hope you love every gift you receive for Christmas this year, and if you haven’t yet, I hope you take a moment to accept the first Gift ever given.

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7 Responses to It’s done!

  1. Walk says:

    The thing about God’s gift is that one size fits all and it’s one gift you’ll never want to return. The gift that never disappoints.


  2. Annie says:

    Thankfully a gift that never gets old, never needs to be returned and always renews us. Merry Christmas!


  3. Sandra King says:

    One of the favorite gifts I’ve already gotten this year is your friendship!


  4. pprmint777 says:

    Walk and Annie–never disappoints and never needs to be returned: Absolutely! God’s perfect Gift for us is just as perfect now as it was 2000 years ago!

    @ Sandy: Thank you! What a sweetheart you are!!!


  5. Shaddy says:

    Please cease being concerned regarding the gifts you got for family members. Be calm knowing you bought them with thought and love in your heart. You can never go wrong with those intentions.

    (Please check my blog).


  6. K.M. Weiland says:

    I adore Christmas: buying presents, looking at the wrapping paper sparkling under the lights, eating horrible-for-you-but-oh-so-yummy cookies, shopping amidst the hustle and bustle, listening to Christmas carols, seeing good will to men on more faces than usual, remembering the birth of our Savior… It’s a good time of year!


  7. pprmint777 says:

    @ Shaddy, I do buy the gifts with love. I’m sure they appreciate at least the thought!

    @ Katie: Sing it with me! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


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