Second-Hand Winter

It’s sunny today and the temperature is climbing toward fifty-five, but it’s a north-wind day so it’s chilly–at least to cold-weather wimps like most of us here in Texas. MSB and I have a low fire glowing in the fireplace.

Monday, though, I ran my errands in south-wind weather. Gray, cloudy, light rain. Still, the fifty-five degrees from Monday was warmer than the same temperature today. So warm, in fact, far too many people were out in shorts and t-shirts. That has a way of wrecking the atmosphere of Christmas.

A friend of my mother’s, and of mine, took pity on me after my last I want snow! post and sent me a picture of her backyard in Wisconsin (thanks, Joan!):

Getting a picture like this one was such a pleasant surprise that I’m craving more. Anyone want to send me a shot of their white Christmas? I’d love to feature more wintery scenes for my next few posts, which is all the prize I could offer–having your picture featured in Peppermint Place. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, send your photo(s) to me at pprmint155@yahoo [dot] com.

Meanwhile, let me know:

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4 Responses to Second-Hand Winter

  1. Walk says:

    If you want snow, I’m sure Gully would share some with you. Check out this Alaskan snow @


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Were it not that my load of snow is finally starting to melt, I’d promise to ship some your way as soon as Christmas was over!


  3. Sandra King says:

    I have last year’s snowy scenes but right now only a salt-and-pepper landscape and an icy driveway to offer. This is Michigan, though, and things could change at any moment.


  4. pprmint777 says:

    Well, thanks for the offer, folks. If I can’t have a white Christmas, I’ll settle for a nippy one–chilled air on a sunny day.

    Walk–I love Gully’s site. I think I found it on your site and go back periodically to see what she’s up to. She seems like such a cool lady!


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