Saturdays with Stella, by Allison Pittman

StellaEvery now and then, I read a book that deserves front-page space–and this is one of them.

If you like my posts about my ducks and cats, you’ll love Allison’s book. She wrote about training her dog, Stella, and took Stella’s lessons a bit further to illustrate what she learned about God through those lessons. The subtitle of her book is How My Dog Taught Me to Sit, Stay, and Come When God Calls.

This book doesn’t read like a devotional, even though it is. Because of Allison’s incredible descriptive abilities, I giggled all the way through it. Stella is quite a charming character! And Stella’s owner has a wonderful sense of humor. She’s also candid about her Christian walk, which I greatly appreciate. She isn’t writing from the standpoint of being holy, but as someone who watches movies she probably shouldn’t, laughs at jokes she probably shouldn’t, and has a houseful of “idols that vie for my attention and affection,” (aka TV, computer, etc.). As she says, if she were back in the Sinai with the wandering Jewish people being led, taught, and punished by God, she would’ve been “death number 14,273.”

In other words, she’s a lot like me. Bless her heart.

I have some friends who may get upset about this revelation, but I don’t generally like devotionals. They always seem to be written by someone so far advanced in their walk with Christ, that they couldn’t understand a lowlife sinner like me. And so often, the devotions end with words to encourage introspection. “Do you” do this or that? or “Shouldn’t you” be doing whatever? Usually, I finish reading these posts and essays feeling worse about myself. No, I don’t do this or that and I probably shoud be, but I know myself well enough to know that I will for awhile, then I’ll slip back into just being me. Praise God–He loves me anyway.

Allison shares some wonderful insights mixed with humor and humanness. To read the antics of that delightful pup is reason enough to get the book, but the true blessings come from the lessons Allison learned and shared with us.

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2 Responses to Saturdays with Stella, by Allison Pittman

  1. Annie says:

    A definite add on to my reading list!! Sounds like a great book. I just took out Soul of a Dog by Jon Katz from the library along with some other books. I love reading about how pets teach us. Amazing miracles from above, for sure 🙂


  2. pprmint777 says:

    It’s well worth the read, Annie. It’s not a long book, and Allison keeps you laughing so much, that it would be easy to finish in one sitting!


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