The Balm of Laughter

a giggle of girlsGirls giggle. That’s just about all there is to it. And it doesn’t matter what age you’re talking about–girls just giggle.

I went out to Chili’s with some gals from my writing course this past Tuesday and even though we were older than the bulk of the college kids at the surrounding tables, we giggled just as often and just as loud. And we left the place feeling uplifted and lighter hearted. There is a healing in the laughter of women that’s incomparable and irreplaceable.

It’s not like MSB hasn’t tried to fill the role, but as I’ve told him before, he’s a wonderful husband–but a lousy girlfriend.

When MSB and I first moved here, we were practically newlyweds, and it had been so many years between my first and my second marriage that it seemed I knew nothing about men and married life. It’s not like they come with a manual, you know? I’d get so put out with him I could just spit. Instead, I’d run to BFF, who’d been married ten years longer, and cry on her shoulder. If she laughed at me, I’d know I was making a lot out of nothing. MSB does not know how many nights in the doghouse he was saved from by the power of laughter.

My sister-in-law–my late brother’s wife–understands me when it comes to Mom. Any long time reader of this blog knows how much I love her, but yes, she can truly drive me nuts. SIL listens to me and commiserates until one or the other of us blasts off a wisecrack and we start giggling. The weight lifted from my shoulders is liberating and immediate, and I’m ready to face Mom with patience once again.

The night with my writer friends was special, even though we’re just getting to know each other, even though I’m thirty years older than the youngest one, and twenty years older than the other. My opportunities to get out with the girls are rare these days. Everyone has jobs, families, obligations–and to top it off, I’m not a night person. I barely even squeak past evening to see “night.” (Yeah, yeah–you try getting up around 4 a.m. every morning and see how long you last during the day!) I miss it. I miss getting together with women and just giggling over whatever strikes us as funny.

Laughter is healing anyway, but laughter of women is so special, even men long to bask in it.

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7 Responses to The Balm of Laughter

  1. I really liked this blog. My cousin and I call each other every night and we laugh & laugh! 🙂 It’s good for the what ails you. Thanks for the awesome blog. I’m going to start my day “giggling”. 🙂
    Love, Mary Beth
    Thanks again for your prayers for daughter, Jaime. She is better, but has some bad days, of course.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Laughing is the best. Laughing with close girlfriends… even better. Any excuse to laugh is good enough for me!


  3. pprmint777 says:

    @ Mary Beth: Thanks tons for dropping by, and thanks for the update on Jaime. My heart just breaks for her. Please keep me posted, okay?

    @ Katie: AMEN!


  4. Shaddy says:

    Ahhh…..laughter, the word itself lifts the corners of my mouth.


  5. pprmint777 says:

    It does, doesn’t it? And it makes for a happy heart!


  6. Annie says:

    Labor day weekend I will be going to Mackinac City to walk the Mackinac Bridge with my sister and my two nieces. I know we will definitely LAUGH!!!! And since I am the only female in my home, I will truly enjoy getting together and having some girl talk!


  7. pprmint777 says:

    Don’t you wish you could bottle up the giggles and take them home? Have a wonderful time, Annie!


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