Lynnette Bonner: A Word to the Wise

 Lynnette LynnetteBonner, one of my partners from AuthorCulture, is blessing me with a guest post today. Lynnette went from being the daughter of missionaries in Malawi, Africa, where she became fluent in Chichewa, to being the wife of a pastor in the Pacific Northwest, where, with her four children, she became fluent in kid-speak. She calls her life “busy and blessed.”

 I’m so glad she honored me by taking time from her “busy and blessed” life to post for my readers! Here she is:

First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Linda for allowing me to be here yakking on her blog today.

Here in Washington we’ve been experiencing some real Texas-style heat waves recently. We don’t have air conditioning, since we don’t normally need it. One of the days was so hot that we were driven to the beaches of a local lake along with half the population of our city. I don’t like that lake. There are always too many people there and the water is scary, to say the least. Yet our desperation took us there anyway. And now we are paying the consequences. Two of my boys are sick, and I can only assume it is from the yucky water teaming with hundreds of people.

Sometimes in our writing we can allow a little heat to drive us to do desperate things. Experienced a rejection lately? Thinking of giving up on writing altogether because of it? Don’t. You’ll wish you hadn’t.

Have a piece you know is “the next great American novel” but just can’t seem to find anyone who is interested in it? Been told that it needs some improvement, but you are tempted to think the editor or agent just didn’t know what they were talking about? Planning to keep submitting it until someone recognizes your genius for what it is? Don’t. You’ll wish you hadn’t.

Heat waves come and go. But if you say to yourself, “I can make it through this wave. I’m hanging in there. I’m going to keep persevering,” one day you will come out the other side a published author. We get heat waves of rejection when a piece is as good as it is going to get – it is then that we need to persevere and keep submitting it. We get heat waves of truth, pointing out to us that we really should do a lot of improvement to a piece that we thought we’d honed to its best. Sometimes we don’t want to do one more edit, but it is then that we need to persevere do it one more time.

Don’t be like us and run to the nearest cool place – you’ll wish you had stuck in there and seen your project through to the finish.

 Lynnette  first book, a historical romance called, Rocky Mountain Oasis, has just released from OakTara. If you enjoy historical romance you’ll want to leave a comment on this post because Lynnette is giving away an electronic copy of the book to one commenter on today’s post. The winner will be announced one week from today.

To find out more about Lynnette and her book visit her on the web at: Rocky Mountain Oasis covercomp3 

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9 Responses to Lynnette Bonner: A Word to the Wise

  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Linda! Love ya!


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    It’s said so much that it’s become a cliche, but it’s the gospel truth: perseverance makes all the difference.


  3. Liberty says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Lynnette! Sometimes, times are tough–writing, life in general, finances, etc. Your post is great to look back at during those times to remember that we just have to push on through.


  4. Katie, it does sound a little cliche, doesn’t it?

    Liberty, so true. Finances, though sometimes not related to/caused by our writing, can be one of those heat waves that drive us to do crazy things with our writing. Glad you got some good out of the post. 🙂


  5. Sylvia says:

    What a great analogy! And so true. We tend to yield to the “tyranny of the urgent” and lose focus. Thank you, Lynnette. You are VERY SPECIAL! (For the rest of you, she’s my favorite youngest daughter.) Hugs


  6. pprmint777 says:

    Wow, nice to meet you, Sylvia! Thanks for raising such a special lady!


  7. Think of any great writer whose books you enjoy. Think how you’d miss out on that book, how society would miss out on that book, if they had decided to pick up their toys and go home because they were tired or discouraged or whatever.

    Yes, if we know we have something to say, something special, we /must/ hang in there, run the race, finish the course.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Lynnette!


  8. pprmint777 says:

    Maggie: Your words are chock full of wisdom, too. Thanks so much for sharing them!


  9. Linda says:

    Hope I’m not too late to enter this contest. Your book sounds so good. Please enter me. Thanks. I just found you.


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