Hodge Podge

calendarWhat a week it has been! Aside from the wonderful news of having an agent interested in my work (I’m gradually getting more comfortable with that), I had an informative meeting with my women’s group Monday at lunch, and a productive meeting with the food bank’s board of directors that evening. My Tuesday night Sanctified Scribes group is off to a great start (although my first experience at teaching has proven . . . interesting.  At least no one’s shooting spitwads at me!) My Thursday shift at the food bank went great and was followed with lunch out with a friend. You really can’t beat that!

Of course, there’s at least one downer in every week–something you wish you could eliminate from your List of Happenings. This week, there were two. The first is Twitter. Someone managed to hack into my account–or just compromise it, although I really don’t know the difference–and advertise another group using my name and avatar. This group, where you can get “hundreds of new followers,” has one of those websites that won’t let you close it out. When you try to leave, it has a message similar to: “Click OK to return to the page, or Cancel to return to the page.” The only way I could get out was to restart my computer, which I did–followed immediately by deleting my browsing history and any cookies that may have been stored. I hope that was good enough to prevent any further oddities.

Anyway, Twitter wasn’t the only site affected. My TweetLater has a password entered into it that’s considerably longer than mine. It’s weird. I can get into TweetLater with my password, but I can’t change my password. It keeps going back to that long row of polka dots. I think I managed to get that straightened out, but who knows.

TweetDeck is also ruined. It lets me in under my old password, then tells me I’m not authorized to use my account. This morning, my other blog, AuthorCulture, didn’t recognize my password and wouldn’t let me in to make corrections to today’s post.

How did that happen? Please explain this to me. I’m so confused!

For downer number two: I had my quarterly visit with my doctor yesterday. First, I had to admit I’d forgotten to get a blood test, which, of course, simply wouldn’t do. I was ordered to visit the vampire immediately after our appointment.

Needles! Shudder!!! Although, with a quarterly IV treatment, you’d think I would be used to them by now.

Well, I’m not.


 He asked me how I’m doing, and I answered honestly. The result is he’s sending me in for “X-rays.” That’s the polite term. What it means is that I get to drink that barium soda they’re so proud of and lay on a metal table for a few hours while they poke at me and take pictures.


Before anyone goes into a panic, please know I’m fine.  I’ve been handling my problems with OTC meds, and while they’re an annoyance, they’re not painful, and are certainly not gonna kill me. The barium, however . . . Ew.

What a weird and wonderful week it has been. Life is a kick, isn’t it?!

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10 Responses to Hodge Podge

  1. Shaddy says:

    Life kicks is right. It kicked me in the eye this past week and now I’m sporting a lovely splash of semi-permanent charcoal grey shadow above my right eye.

    Do you ever run into walls?

    You’ve accomplished much in the weird and wonderful categories this past week. Promise me you’ll sit back and simply ponder inhaling and exhaling, your heartbeat and the blinking of your eyes. In other words, just be alive.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Man, I wish I could attend your Sanctified Scribes meeting. Sound like so much fun! Tough break about all the Twitter mishaps. I feel bad, ‘cuz I’m the one who got you signed up for half those things. 😕 FYI, it’s *possible* that the reason your TweetLater password keeps showing up is because the site does that on purpose as a security measure so that other people won’t be able to see how many digits are in your password. Some sites do that.

    Yick. Doctors. 😡 I’ll be praying for you!


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Whoa, the emoticons changed. That red one is scary!


  4. pprmint777 says:

    @ Shaddy: Hubby and I are going to go play some this weekend–that’ll be a wonderful break from the hectic schedule I’ve had all week. Just resting and enjoying being alive is definitely part of the plan!

    @ Katie: I didn’t think about that with TweetLater, but I still wonder why it won’t let me in under either my old password, or now even the new one. It won’t let me in anymore. GRRRR!

    And no, the emoticons aren’t as cute as they used to be. I wish I could control that. But you can stick a big, ugly, red face next to the word “Doctors” anytime you want to!!!

    PS: Lynn Mosher had the same problem with someone advertising under her avatar, as did SuzInIL (Suzanne Hartman). Suz is getting hers fixed now, and Lynn said she didn’t have the trouble with it I did–she just changed her password and it worked for her.


  5. Walk says:

    What lowlifes would bother sure lovely ladies as Lynn and yourself, don’t know Suzanne but I imagine she’s in that lovely ladies group with you.

    I’m happy about your success this week and will be praying for you this next week with your treatment. Maybe God knew you needed to slow down for a bit.


  6. pprmint777 says:

    @ Walk: SuzInIL is one of the CW ladies–I’m sure you’ve seen her, and she is indeed a sweetheart. Thanks for your prayers–I’ll need them for the next couple of weeks. If my X-rays go well, then I’ll get my IV treatment the following week. (I shouldn’t complain. It keeps me healthy. But I HATE NEEDLES!)

    @Shaddy: BTW: So sorry about your black eye! Yikes!!!!!


  7. Sue says:

    Great news about the agent and all the other exciting things happening for you but what a downer with the Twitter stuff. Hope your “x-ray” goes well… I hear that stuff you have to take in preparation is disgusting.


  8. pprmint777 says:

    LOL, Sue! “Disgusting” is too tame a word!!!


  9. Annie says:

    WOW! What a week you have had! But seems as if you are speaking Latin with all the twitter language!!! I think I am the only person, around, who does not have an account there or at Facebook. But I am sorry about the trouble you are experiencing. I hope everything has been resolved. It astounds me that people who hack into other accounts don’t have the gumption to use their ‘talent’ to help companies and regular joes, keep their stuff secure. And what do they gain by vandalizing someone else?
    Good luck on all of your tests. It is good to be back online, catching up with everyone. Have a good rest of the week!


  10. pprmint777 says:

    Hi, Annie! Thanks for coming by.

    I’m really glad the X-rays are over. Once I get my IV treatment, things will improve. The longer I have to wait, though, the longer that needle gets!


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