Leanna’s Newest!

leannaoutsideSince I’ve written about her twice before (See Elvis Takes a Backseat under the Book Reviews tab, and Leanna Ellis under the Eclecticism tab), I reckon everyone knows Leanna’s one of my favorites. I read Elvis Takes a Backseat and Lookin’ Back, Texas, and thoroughly enjoyed both. Leanna allows her characters to be flawed, to keep skeletons locked away in their hearts’ closets, to be very human and relatable. Then she plops those characters into whacky situations and watches them squirm. She torments them with embarrassment, frustrations, and fears. In the end, they always have a better understanding of themselves, their own little worlds, and the One who put them in it. And, so does the reader.rubys-slippers

Leanna’s books are fun little treasures, so I’m excited to advertise her newest: Ruby’s Slippers.

Wizard of Oz meets Cinderella.
When Dottie Meyers loses her ‘no place like home’ during a Kansas tornado, she wakes up to find a pair of ruby slippers left by her father who abandoned his family thirty years ago. With her sister hot on her trail to find the treasured ruby slippers, Dottie travels a yellow brick road with three friends to find her father. No wizard can solve her problems. Only the love of a heavenly father can heal her wounds and give her the desires of her heart.
There’s no place like … the heart for God’s healing touch.

As with all Leanna’s books, this one promises to be a treat. You can read the first chapter on her website, or, better yet, order it from Amazon now!

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2 Responses to Leanna’s Newest!

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Oooh, I’m intrigued. I love spins on fairy tales.


  2. Terra Hangen says:

    Her books are on my to buy and read list; they sound like fun.


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