Scrooge Speaks

shopping-2It’s here again. The insanity of Christmas. And as much as I enjoy Christmas day, the time from Thanksgiving to December 25th drives me nuts. How I would love to say this is my favorite time of year, but I agree with everyone who’s ever complained that Christmas is too commercial. It’s too commercial, it’s too hectic, it’s too full of pressure.

This year is worse because I procrastinated–a mistake, since I have to do it all this year:  our shopping and Mom’s, our gift-wrapping and Mom’s, our Christmas cards and Mom’s. Christmas dinner is blessedly out of my hands. My daughter is hosting it at her house again this year (XXOOXX, Jen).

I have yet to decorate. Haven’t had time. After Thanksgiving in Beaumont and shopping on Black Friday (an experience I may never revisit, if God is truly good), my sweet Billy and I celebrated our anniversary in the usual way–hunting in the Hill Country. We came home Tuesday and have been processing our annual blessings since. MSB went back to work Thursday and I’ve been trying to get organized.

Not there yet. Wish me luck.

I don’t mean to complain, but it’s the same every year. During Halloween, Madison Avenue begins pressuring us to think about Christmas. All during November, we’re encouraged to neglect Thanksgiving and think about Christmas. By December, the heat’s cranked up under the pressure cooker: we have X amount of shopping days left until Christmas! Get Moving! 

What would happen if everyone ignored the gift-giving frenzy and simply enjoyed each other’s company? Shared a good meal and some laughter? Perhaps even got into the spirit of Christmas by doing for those unable to do for themselves?

Every year, I think the same things, and every year I get caught up in the gift-giving frenzy. After all, it’s expected.

Oh, well. I do love seeing my grandkids’ eyes light up–in that short instant before they take whatever I’ve given them back and exchange it for something else. My youngest ones can’t do that, of course, but they’re of the age where the wrapping paper fascinates them more than the gifts.

Yikes! Can I sound any more Scrooge-ish than I have today? I do apologize. It’ll get better as things get done. My attitude will change and I’ll get more excited as December 25th approaches.

Meantime, if you want to giggle about a bit of irony, I’ll give you the opportunity: The only people who think about the Christ of Christmas are Christians and militant atheists. Maybe it’s because of the ridiculous hour of the morning, but I think this is hilarious. Atheists are waging war against Someone they don’t even believe exists. Talk about your shadow boxing!

I spent quite a bit of time resenting the atheists last year for changing “Merry Christmas” into “Happy Holidays.” I still hate it, but this year I have two thoughts. (1) December 25th probably isn’t Jesus’s actual birthday, so I’m trying not to be offended by the idiots–sorry–atheists out there who are trying to ruin the day for us. And (2) for those of us who celebrate December 25th as His birthday, whatever outsiders have to say is irrelevant.

So, here’s a big, slobbering thffffft! to all those advertisers who commercialize Christmas, and double thfffft! to those who demean us for celebrating our Lord’s birthday and strive to strip us of our holiday.

And if it were possible, I’d thfffft! myself for being such a Scrooge.

Bear with me–I promise my attitude will change.

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12 Responses to Scrooge Speaks

  1. Walk says:

    We’ve lessened our shoppers rage this year by doing two things, shopping before Thanksgiving and on-line shopping. We have had our finished and wrapped before Thanksgiving and gave the gifts to thoses we wouldn’t be with on Christmas.

    I love the shadow boxing comment. It is really funny if you get past the mad and look at how ignorant the “idiots” look. Thanks for bringing some sense to this mess.


  2. lynnettebonner says:

    I totally hear you! I love Christmas, but just hate all the pressure. AND I get grumpy about having to decorate, when I’m just going to have to take it all down again in a couple weeks. So… from one Scrooge to another… Merry Christmas! 🙂


  3. pprmint777 says:

    Walk, back in the day, I’d’ve had my shopping done by August. That’s how much I hate Christmas crowds. But the bigger the family gets, the later I shop. Hmmm-that sounds backwards. I should shop much earlier as the family grows, huh?

    Merry Christmas to you!

    . . . and to Lynette, too. Although I do feel a big case of grumpiness coming on . . .

    Merry Christmas all!


  4. K.M. Weiland says:

    Except for a few stocking stuffers I purchased last week, I did all my shopping online last week, and I’m done! 😀 (Sorry – not to rub it in or anything… 😉 )

    I agree that Christmas has become far too commercialized. It’s more than regrettable that the gift giving has come to take such precedence. Obligatory gifts are no fun at all. But I have to say that I love Christmas shopping. I love buying gifts for the people in my life, sharing the goofy secrecy, and pretending we don’t already know we’re getting exactly what we asked for. It’s an opportunity not only to celebrate the tangible blessings that God has given me over the year, it’s also a wonderful time of knitting together the bonds of friends and family. So you can just call me Tiny Tim! 😉


  5. pprmint777 says:

    Last time I did all my shopping on-line, UPS couldn’t find my house and everything was returned to sender. They had a new guy who apparently didn’t know how to work a phone. So, Christmas turned out to be a mess of gift cards.

    Bah Humbug.

    But, I had a great shopping day today. What I love is finding something that’s absolutely perfect for someone–and finding it on sale! Yeppers, plops me dead center of the HOHOHO spirit!


  6. Winter says:

    This year we’ve bumped it down to 2 gifts to give. One on one side and one on the other. We’re planning to make it about food and family and not about who gave what and how much.

    Course the perfect gift for me would be a gift wrapped publishing contract. <};^)

    Feeling much better today, wouldn’t believe how fast I bounce back. Will have my awesome experience up on my blog soon.



  7. Lorrie says:

    I’m the same way but I too get better as the day approaches. I guess I resent the commercialism the most.
    I love the story my mother tells of the Christmas her little brother had saved enough to buy the whole family a bottle of soda pop each. They were very poor and it was the most fabulous thing ever! It’s a fond memory, one that many would scoff at…
    Good post 🙂


  8. Relandee says:

    Hi Linda!
    Well, I guess you DO have a little problem with “P”! He really gets around, huh? Hopefully you will be able to evade the little stalker better than I have. “P” appears to be super glued to my shadow!

    You have the same sentiments as many of us regarding our Lord’s birth . . . we all seem to be in agreement here. Over the years, it has been much easier ( and more entertaining ) to give little homemade creations in our family. We all “make stuff” for each other. It’s a lot of fun and very inexpensive. Our little ones love to give their own creations and have them truly appreciated. Surprisingly it only takes a couple of Christmases to get back to this “old timey” way of doing things.

    God bless you all. . . and a very Merry Christmas to you!


  9. pprmint777 says:

    Wow–I’ve been awful keeping up with my own site! Thanks Winnie, Lorrie, Relandee and Toni for your comments. (Glad you’re doing better, Winnie!)

    It’s looking better–I have most of the gifts now, some even wrapped and packaged for sending. And I have *all* the Christmas cards done–mine and Mom’s! (patting myself on the back, here!). After another 3-day stay at Mom’s, I’ll be back at it. I have next week to finish.

    Pray for me!


  10. jess says:

    Love this post. Surprised to find someone who thinks the way I do. I don’t DARE blog about it. I’d probably go beserk and say something I’d regret. Glad you’re around to do it for me. LOL

    I did most of my shopping online too. Wishing you and yours a special holiday. Hug your mom and tell her I think she has a super-sweet daughter! God’s Christmas blessings on all of you.


  11. pprmint777 says:

    thank you thank you, Jess! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year, too!


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